About Us

Raffles is a Singapore-based significant logistics and trade company that offers comprehensive solutions for freight forwarding, supply chain management, and product trading. Raffles has a considerable presence in the market and has established itself as a reliable and trusted partner for enterprises worldwide.

As a logistics provider, Raffles offers a wide range of services to facilitate the movement of goods efficiently and securely. Their expertise in freight forwarding enables them to handle complex shipping requirements, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effective solutions for clients. Whether it's air, sea, or land transportation, Raffles has the capabilities and global network to handle shipments of any size or nature.

Raffles is a trader who specializes in the sourcing and trading of diverse things. The company facilitates international trade by leveraging its broad network and market knowledge, with an emphasis on hardware, metal scraps, textiles, and ferrous commodities.

By delivering reliable logistics services, efficient supply chain management, and seamless trading solutions, Raffles remains at the forefront of the industry, driving growth and success for its clients in the dynamic world of international trade.


To provide superior logistics and trading solutions that enable businesses to prosper in the global economy by delivering dependable, efficient, and innovative services.


To be the preferred logistics and trading services partner, recognized for our experience, dependability, and dedication to customer satisfaction, while creating growth and sustainability for our clients.



We conduct all we do on behalf of Raffles with respect and candor.


We try to be honest towards work, customers, and employees.

Customer Service

we strive to help customers in the best possible way.



When you choose Raffles for your logistics and trading needs, you gain access to a company with vast industry knowledge and experience. Our extensive solutions include freight forwarding, supply chain management, and product trade, giving you end-to-end services adapted to your individual needs. We assure seamless operations and effective international trade by using a robust worldwide network of partners, agents, and suppliers.